Sell all kinds of wire and cable

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All kinds of electric wire and cable:
1. all kinds of bare wire
a. Aluminum stranded conductors (AAC) and aluminum conductors
Steel-reinforced (ACSR) .
b. All aluminum alloy stranded conductor (AAAC) and aluminum alloy conductors steel-reinforced (AACSR) .
c. Aluminum-clad steel wire (AS) and As. Stranded wire and ACSR/AS.
d. Copper-clad steel wire and copper-clad steel stranded wire.
2. Power cable
All kinds of 500KV or under 500KV rubber, PVC, XLPE, paper
insulated power cable, and long length submarine power cable.
3. Telecommunication cable
All kinds of PE insulated, foamed polyethylene insulated telephone
cable, high and low frequency symmetrical composite communication
cable, submarine coaxial cable & optical OPGW, etc.
4. wire and cable for electrical equipment
All kinds of home appliance wire, building wire, installation cable, welding cable, elevator cable, automotive wire, aircraft wire, shipping cable, mining cable, PVC-insulated shielded wire & PTEE-insulated wire etc.

We can manufacture and supply all the above mentioned wire and cable according to IEC standard, BRITISH standard, ASTM standard and other standard.

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