Sell all kinds wire

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Dear sirs,

all wire and wire mesh are also our regular exporting goods. Product list is as follows:

a) WIRE:
1) Black annealed iron wire,
2) hot-dip and electro galvanized wire,3) stainless steel wire,
4) G. i. wire pvc coated, Bright wire pvc coated,
5) Galv. barbed wire, Razor wire.
b) mesh:
1) stainless steel wire mesh,
2) galvanized wire mesh 3) welded wire mesh 4) brass wire mesh ,
3) window screen
4) fence
5) diamond wire mesh
6) link fence wire mesh
c) wire and mesh processed products
1) liquid filters
2) filter mesh, strainer
3) basket.

All specification could be made as per customer's request.