Sell allyl heptanoate

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Mol-w 170.3
CAS-NO.142-19-8 C10H18O2
Odor strong, sweet-fruity, banana-like with nuances

Anlytical Data
Appearance/Condition at 200 clear, colorless to yellowish liquid
Assay%(GC) min. 98
Specific Gravity D 25/25 0.880-0.885
Refractive Index n 20/D 1.427-1.429
Allyl alcohol%(GC) max. 0.10
Acid Value mgKON/g substance max. 1

Flash Point0 approx 99
Storage conditions cool, in full tightly closed containers
Stability min. 1 year
Standard Packing drum180kg

At 200 in Ethanol 96 vol. % in all proportions
1.2-propanediol 1: 5v/v

Pharmacopoeia* FCCIV
*In accordance with typical analysis and findings
Full conformance testing will not be carried out on every batch.

Brand Name
FCC IV and Orthodox Union
Condition of Goods