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Alpha-Cyclodextrin is a non-reducing cyclic saccharide comprised of six glucose units linked by alpha-1.4 bonds. It is produced by the action of cyclodextrin glucosyl transferase on hydrolysed starch syrups at neutral pH (6.07.0) and moderate temperature (3540 oC) . The cavity of alpha-cyclodextrin is less than beta-cyclodextrin, so it is used to allow formation of inclusion complexes with little molecules, and the situation that needs high solubility of cyclodextrin.

CAS No. : 10016-20-3
Molecular Formula: C36H60O30
Molecular Weight: 972.84
1. Items: Index
2. Appearance: White powder
3. Assay: >= 99.0%
4. Moisture Content: <=10.0%
5. Residue on Ignition: <=0.1%
6. Specific Rotation: +1470~+1520
7. Heavy metal: <=45g/g
8. As: <=1.05g/g
9. Total bacteria count: <=100pcs/g
10. Moulds and yeasts: <=20pcs/g
11. Escherichia coli: Negative

Alpha cyclodextrin is widely used in the drugs, food, flavor and cosmetics. Alpha cyclodextrin is also widely used in the field of pesticide and adjusting the metabolization of the crop and increasing the quantity of the crop. Especially the cyclodextrin and its ramification which developed by these years, some of cyclodextrins are the important solutizer, stablizer, releaser or the assist materials of the Entericcoated drugs, some of cyclodextrins are the materials of organic synthetical macromolecular stuff.