Sell aluminium mould complex hose note tube machine

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Set of production line equipment and technological project of aluminium mould complex hose pack which are produced and developed by our company are Country95 Hi-Tech project of research of technique, already included in the national development plan, belong to the green products packing project that the country recommends being popularized in a more cost-effective manner. With high technical content, designing technique craft advanced, accord with our country private and toothpaste, ointment, cosmetics manufacturing enterprise related kind project of development , have totally substituted the import ==Have filled the domestic gaps , and just invest in 1/10 of the importing machine.
Performance Characteristic of The Equipment:
This equipment, quotes domestic and international advanced technology and craft, gather domestic famous expert and Company work that technical staff take many years imprison and study, adopt mould tube charge person who formate and high frequency weld technological craft, adopt trombone slide transmit and photo electricity follow technology of cutting, the computer accuses of the newest design that is operated a little, guarantee the performance stability of this machine: Weld firmly, shaping is beautiful, quality is reliable, has no noise, pollution-free and operating simply , maintaining conveniently and a great deal of characteristics.

Use and Specification of Equipment :
This equipment adopt aluminium compound slices of material to mould, produce aluminium mould complex dedicated device of hose, It is with the key equipment matching of note shoulder machine too . It is complete in specifications that the aluminium that this equipment produces moulds the hose:#38W180mm, #38W172mm, #32W155mm, #30W157mm, #28W157mm, #25W132mm, #22W110mm, #19W75mm, #16W75mm, #13W50mm, Can make to order according to the user needs, respond to the request that not with users. This machine has wide use range, can produce the toothpaste hose, oinment hose, cosmetics hose , fragrant frost face cream hose, shampoo and shave pharmaceutical soft tube, lubricant binder hose , milk liquid , jam, syrup, etc. top-grade aluminium of different lotion liquid products mould the complex packaging.
Use and Specification of Equipment :
Power Three phases 220v50hz
total power 18kw
host computer's power 1.5kw
cuts a one hundred sheets of power 500w
Source of the gas Compressed air
Atmospheric pressure 5.3kg/cm2-8.3kg/cm2
heating power 16kw
Attenbant A person
Make and is in charge of the pace 120-180 pcs / min
Make and is in charge of the size Diameter 13mm-50mm
Length 70mm-280mm
Volume 3000mm W840mm W1670mm /the high
Weight 2600kg
The color type , the environmental protection type may demand according to the consumer specially appointed