Sell aluminium titanium boron alloy AlTi5B1 grain refiner

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Aluminium titanium boron master alloy AlTi5B1
Apply to the grain-refining of pure aluminum or aluminum alloys in the course of smelting.

We produce all kinds of aluminium master alloy, our products mainly included Al-Sr, Al-Ti-B, Al-Ti, Al-Si, Al-Cr, Al-Cu aluminum master alloy, such as AlSr10%, AlTi5B1, AlTi10%, AlSi50, AlSr, AlTiB, AlTi and so on in shape of rod diameter 9.5mm, waffle 7.5kg each, ingot 250g. they are used to modifying and refining grains of aluminium and its alloys.
Brand Name
Supply Capacity
100MT per month
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grey white
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20 days
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FOB Shanghai
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90 days