Sell aluminum bubble thermal insulation

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PET aluminum bubble film consists of layers of polyethylene bubbles (single/double) that are laminated between layers (single/double) of PET aluminum, which is the major source for auto sun shade, seat cushions, ice bag, cooler bag, etc. The polyethylene encapsulated air bubbles serve as an effective thermal break as well as vapor barrier, while the two outer layers of aluminum reflect up to 97% of all of the radiant heating energy.
1. LXW:40/50X1.2/1.4m (available in custom spec. )
2. Thickness:
(1) single bubble:3-4mm
(2) double bubble:6.8-8mm
3. Weight:
(1) single bubble: 200g/m2, 220g/m2, 250g/m2,
(2) double bubble: 280g/m2,300g/m2
Types: PET AL single bubble PET AL, PET AL double bubble PET AL, PET AL single bubble, etc
Recommended use and benefits:
(1) Major materials source for auto accessories-sun shade, sun shield, ice bag, cooler bag, ice box.
(2) Homeowners, new and rebuild: wall, attics, duct and pipe wrap, post frame, block and concrete wall, plumbing and HVAC; Floor joist, slab, shed, roofs and ceilings
(3) 3 in 1 insulation: vapor barrier, thermal barrier, radiant barrier
(4) Agricultural insulation: Dairy barns, poultry house, hog shed, etc, for the purpose of clean, non-toxic, damp and water resistant, radiant heat insulation;