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This equipment (the continuous combination line) has two styles: one is CJMFH 1300/1600-I, which is extruding machine on line; the other is CJMFH 1300 / 1600-II, which is PE extruding machine not on line but PE combination after rolling. These two types have their own advantages.

Advantages of CJMFH 1300 / 1600-I:
1) Saves the PE plate material as well as the unrolling and warming up consumable
2) Easy operation: it doesn't need to roll the PE plate
3) High rate of finished products: one percent higher than CJMFH 1300/1600-II

CJMFH 1300 / 1600-II:
1) Advantages:
a) High speed of finishing products: reaches 4-5m/min because it's not subjected to the PE extruding machine's control, thus its cost for each square is comparatively low
b) High yield rate, because all the unqualified goods can be reproduced untilit's qualified
2) Disadvantage: high cost in warming up the extruding machine and rolling up the PE plates
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60 days
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1 set
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Terms of Payment
T/T,or L/C at sight
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90 tons