Sell aluminum composite panel

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characteristic of aluminium-plastic panel:

1, With good fire tolerance and highly strength, and it is easy to keep
2, With convenient construction, shorter construction period
3, With excellent machinability, thermotropism-off ability, noise-shielding ability and superior fire-preventing ability
4, With highly impressionability, striking tolerance; it can reduce the load of building; with good shock tolerance, good steady ability; it is light and solid, elegant and cheap.
5, With various color to choose(special color can be made by requirement)
6, with reasonable price and fast goods supply.

the application scope of aluminium-plastic panel:

1, To be . buildings outer wall and be curtain slab-wall
2, to be inset panel, display table
3, for the reconstruction of old buildings outer wall
4, to be show panel, logo panel and advertisement sign
5, to be industrial material and the body of thermo car
6, For the material of balcony, device element and room department

Dimension of Aluminium-plastic Panel:

Thickness(T) : 3mm 4mm 5 mm
Width(W) : 1220mm-1570mm
Length(L) : 2440mm
(The special length can be made by requirement. )
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