Sell aluminum foam insulation

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PET Aluminum + Foam
PET aluminum consists of thin foam that is laminated between a layer of PET aluminum. PET aluminum foam cant be served as a fire retardant, with the remaining functions same as pure aluminum, which is the major source for auto sun shade, motorcycle seat solar cushion cover, etc.

Product characteristic:
Type: P1F
LWW: 1/1.2 W 50m (available in custom spec. )
Thickness: 5mm, 7mm, 8mm, 9mm, 10mm
Color: silver
PET aluminum thickness: 12micron

Benefits and Applications:
Major materials for sun shade, seat cover, car window solar shield, etc.
Constructions, building and retrofit materials: such as wall, attics, duct and pipe wrap, post frame, block and concrete wall, plumbing and HVAC; floor joist, slab, shed, roofs and ceilings.
radiant barrier, heat insulation, moisture resistance, etc.
Poultry house, dairy barns, chicken house, hog barns, etc