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We are one of the professional aluminum plastic composite panel manufacturer in china. We are Jiangyin Haida Group Co.,Ltd in Jiangsu Province China. JiangYin LiTai Decorating Materials Co. Ltd is the core enterprise of Haida Group. Our Company have produced "HAIDA" Brand series such as aluminum plastic composite panels, fireproof aluminum plastic composite panel, granite grain panel, artic feature panel, chameleon panel for more five years with abundant experience. Our Company now owns internationally most advanced multifunctional aluminum plastic composite panel production lines: double dried, double scrawled, roll-scrawled, lacquer-toasted Our Company own an area of 55,000 square meters, have more 350 scientific researchers and technicians, possess fixed-asset of more US$10 million worth, and wholesales overpass US$50 million per year. The inner ISO9002 quality control mode is the assure of customers" delivery dates and quality. All products have squarely met the standard requirements of GB/T17748-1999 (Enclosed attachment). Our Company awarded "Recommendable Products of Project Construction" from National Ministry of Construction, is a joint-venture of design, develop, produce and sales.

Haida brand aluminum plastic composite panel is a new type building materials presenting the tendency of the future. With fluoro-carbon resin(PVDE)roasting of rolling type on the front layer,its weather resistance is over 20 years without change of colour.

Features: Smooth & flawless surface--- With varieties of advanced equipment and strict control on accurancy of the dimensions, flattening and thickness of the panel, the surface of Haida panel is obviously superior to other building materials. The building decorated with Haida panel looks as one intergrated mass and keeps flattening without deformation because of the extraordinary rigidity of the panel.

High strength and light weight panel---Haida panel features high strength and light weitht with excellent torsion strength and bend strength under heavy loads,and also excellent wind resistance. Haida panel is made of two layers of composite antrust aluminum board and polyvinyl which is lighter than that made of aluminum or other metals.

Unparalleled foaming characteristic----Haida panel can be easily shaped into various shapes, such as curves, reserve curves, curved corners and sharp curves, according to requirements of building design which will make building look more beautiful.

Durable and luxurious surface coating -----Haida panel coated with fluoro-carbon(PVDE) resin features good lightness, strong adhesion, weather resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, powdering resistance and resistance of ultraviolet light. Haida panel is better than the panel fully-metal-made in sound proof and vibration proof. Haida panel is available in more than 10 standard colors for customers' option, meanwhile, colors other than the above mentioned also available upon request.

Simple and easy processing and installation--Haida panel is very easy to process. All cutting, milling, slotting, side-folding can be easily fulfillled by simple tools used for processing timber and metal. The common hidden fixing method is adopted in installation, slotting and dismounting. The panel is then secured with rivets and screws as well structural gum for further fixture. Both indoor decoration and outdoor decoration can be implemented simultaneously so as to raise working efficiency and shorten working days.

Outstanding characteristic of fireproof-- Many of the metal plastic composite building materials have the problem that they are not up to the requirements of fireproof of State Building Code. Converesely, Haida brand fireproof aluminum plastic composite panel fulfils this requirement due to the usage of modfied polyvinyl plastic interlayer in between without toxicity and covering of uninflammable aluminum layer at two sides. The ability of fireproof is higher than index requirement of Grade B1. it is a safe fireproof meterial and fully meets the fireproff requirement specified in Building Code.

Scope of application:

For use in decorating heavy curtain of the building, furnishing both walls outside and inside of new and old buildings, decorating wallboard of tunnels, indication board, front wall and the bodies of automobiles, ships and machines and for use as industrial materials.

Cleaning and maintenance:


Aluminum plastic panel :
Classification of Aluminum Plastic Composite Panels:
Classification by use: outside wall, inside wall
Classification by coating: PE, Fluorine-Carbon
Classification by fireproof ability: fireproof, common
Classification by grain: common, chameleon, granite and ice.
Standard Size:4mm* 1220mm * 2440mm
Thickness: 3mm--- 6mm.
Remark: Irregular size is offered at your request.