Sell aluminum railing

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1. Low weight
Aluminum is less weight than normal metal, but its hardness is more better.
2. Hardness
Aluminums hardness can resist larger pull and impact, its much better than other traditional materials.
3. Corrosion resistance
There is a hard aluminum oxide film firmly adhere on the surface of the aluminum profile, plus power coating or anodizing treatment can further enhance its protection, it is extremely corrosion resistance
4. Exquisite bright and clean surface
Its unique advantages can be applied to a wide range of surface finishing technology. More common types are paint (including acrylic, alkyd trees, multi-fat, etc. ) , powder coating, anodizing or plating. The most gloss surface can defense UV light, also it doesnt need regular maintenance to obtain long-term bright luster. Powder coating is durable, has a variety of colors to choose from.