Sell aminoethyl-gamma-aminoproply-trimethoxysilane

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Product Name: N-beta-aminoethyl-gamma-aminoproply-trimethoxysilane
Trade Name: A-1120 (the United Carbide Corporation) , KBM-603 (Shin-Etsu Chemicals)
Synonyms: N-(3-(trimethoxysilyl) Propyl) Ethylenediamine
Molecular Formula: H2N(CH2)2NHCH2CH2-Si(OCH3)3
Formula Weight: 222.4
CAS No: 1760-24-3
Chemical Structure:

It is a clear, colorless, strongly alkaline liquid with smell being very sensitive to hydrolysis, the chloride content ranges in the low ppm-level. It is unlimited miscible with water with spontaneous hydrolysis occurring.
It is used as adhesive promoter at organic / inorganic interfaces, for modification of surfaces (corrosion prevention, components of primers) or silicone polymers or as crosslinker (moisture crosslinking of polymers) . The applications as coupling agent lead in general to an improvement of mechanical and electrical products properties above all under exposure to heat and / or moisture.


Appearance Colorless or yellowish transparent liquid
Purity, % (neutralization) 97.0 min.
Refraction Index (n25D) 1.44210.005
Specific Density(d204) , g/cm3 1.01-1.02
Silicon (Si) content, % 12.3410.13
Boiling point, 0/10mmHg 136-138

1. excellent integral adhesive promoter for epoxy, phenolic resin, nylon, MS polymers, RTV silicone and PVC based sealant;
2. useful component for primer systems for hybrid, SPUR, MS polymer and polyurethane sealant;
3. additive to phenolic binder for fibrous insulation;
4. additive in phenolic and epoxy moulding compounds.

Packing: 25kg or 200kg plastic drum, sealed
Transport and Storage: Store in cool, dry and ventilated place, keep away from rain and direct sunlight, especially ignition. Transport as non-dangerous chemicals.