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Hammering Master

First Step
The target will come out from the nine holes to make trouble, press the corresponding buttons on the control panel to hit the target.

Second Step
Hit different target to win the different scores, deduct points if you hit by mistake.

Third Step
The game is time limited, so move fast! The more targets you hit, the more tickets you win.

Following is the playing method of Hammering Master
Insert coin to start the game. There are five plays to choose .
Press the left or right button to choose the play you like.
Press START button to enter into the game.
Press flashing button , get tickets according to scores.

This machine is very popular among the customers. When we have the Expo , the players will enjoy themselves a lot from it. It sells well no matter in China or in the world. What is more , it has an attractive appearance. The player will be attracted at the first sight of it. There are five plays to choose. By playing this machine , it can improve your reaction and your agility. It is good for the young and the old.
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