Sell and industrial chemical raw materials

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Our products ranges are listed as follow:

1, Lead Solid Stabilizers
Tribasic lead sulphate
Dibasic lead phosphate
Dibasic lead stearate
Lead stearate

2, Metallic Soap Stabilizers
Cadmium stearate
Barium stearate
Zinc stearate
Zinc phosphate
Calcium stearate
Magnesium stearate
Exceed atom zinc stearate

3, Liquid Barium-Cadmium-Zinc Stabilizers
4, Liquid Barium-Zinc Stabilizers
5, Organo Phosphite Chelators
6, Foam Stabilizers
7, Non-Toxic Calcium-Zinc Stabilizers
8, Liquid Stabilizers for Paste resin
9, Stabilizers for Cable Compound
10, Organo Tin stabilizers
11, Solid complex stabilizers
12, Special lubricants
Stearic Acid
13, Antioxidant
14, Ultraviolet absorbent
15, Other process auxiliary
Calcium carbonate
Titanium dioxide
Antimony trioxide
Antimony Pentoxide
Aluminum Hydroxide