Sell angle line

angle line
Angle Automatic Production Line
Automatic Production Line for Marking , Punching and Shearing of Angles
Technical Specifications of KX-14 Automatic Angle Line:
1, Range of angle: 40 x 40 x3 mm  140 x 140 x12 mm
2, Max. punching diameter: X 25.5mm
3, Punching force: 500 kN
4, Number of punches on each side of Angle: 2
5, Row of punching on each side of angle: on request
6, Marking force: 500 kN
7, The loading rail length: 4m
8, The unloading rail length: 2m
9, Max. angle length: 2m
10, Cutting force: 800 kN
11, The finished angle will be pushed forward a little bit after it is out of the main machine and can be dumped off pneumatically.
12, The AC servo motor and the main electric, pneumatic and hydraulic elements are imported.

Technical features and advantages depends on the specific line