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Put it in the back window of your Rover 125 and reap the whirlwind

Road rage is a curious thing. Take a person who's normally sane and serene, stick 'em behind the wheel of a car and they turn into Vinny Jones on a bad day. In fact, the only thing that makes us as angry as driving the M25 is when grown men sign off emails with smiley faces. :o(

Which is why we're agape that someone has combined the two to such dramatically bad effect.

The Drivemocion animated car face cycles through five different animated expressions - sadness, anger, flirting, cheeky and total bastard. Sorry, no that should be pull me over and gun me down. Nope, wrong again. It's. . . actually, we don't care. It's just rubbish.

The main unit suckers to your back window and is controlled by a front mounted remote. It runs off dual AA batteries that can last up to four months "depending on usage".

If you can put this in your motor and not have the window smashed in that four months, you live in a nicer part of the world than us. But if you've bought one, please stay there.
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