Sell anion purifying lamp, anion energy saving lamp

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This lamp equal to "a air purifier "add "a energy saving lamp". It is great breakthrough lies in fully utilizing the new and high plasma technology and aerodynamics principle, which enables this kind of lamp to produce a large number of negative ions while lighting to clean indoor air without the need for a special attachment plug. The valid space is 8-12 sqm. And the price more cheaper than the air purifier's .
So it has the total advantages:
1. Energy saving---It base on the energy saving lamp, can save 80% energy.
2. Clean air---dive away the smoke and dust which float in the indoor air;
3. Sterilization---The anions can combine with the bacterias and germs , change their structures , let them died. Then follow down on the floor.
4. Counteract high voltage static and positive ions which emit by televisions and computers.
5. Healthy for human body--- Activate lots of enzyme in body, accelerate metabolism; Alleviate the pressure, promoted the concentration, heal agrypnotic. ; Strengthen immunity.
6. Can eliminate the benzene and formaldehyde which released by some construction materials .