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Peptide is currently the most popular anti-aging ingredient in beauty care products. Formed from amino acids, it has very light molecular weight and can penetrate the skin without any special carriers or emulsifier technology. The result: wrinkles are thoroughly smoothened, expression lines are prevented and signs of aging are reduced. Pentapeptide - Skin Rejuvenator is the state-of-the-art bio-tech product. Formed from five specially chosen amino acids, it is currently the most advanced and effective amino acid polypeptide.
1. Smoothens Wrinkles: Including the first signs of wrinkles (expression lines) and other wrinkles that are formed due to aging.
2. Repairs and Restores Skin Cells: The attack and damage on skin cells caused by free radicals is the main reason for aging. Therefore, timely repairs and restoration is the basis for anti-aging.
3. Replenishes Ceramide at the Keratin: Commonly termed as PC-104, Ceramide tightens skin cell molecules, linking them into a matrix. It is an indispensable component for the firmness and radiance of skin.
4. Various Moisturising and Water-Locking Systems: Give radiance and elasticity to even mature skin.
5. Convenient and Effective: Without the need to inject hyaluronic acid, collagen or flesh-eating bacteria, daily usage of Pentapeptide Skin Rejuvenator brings to you satisfactory results beyond your imagination.

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