Sell anti-aging inner tube or tyre tube

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We can offer light truck inner tubes and flaps, heavy-duty truck inner tubes and flaps, passenger car inner tubes and flaps, tractor inner tubes and flaps as well as motorcycle inner tubes.
We have a professional natural inner tubes processing workshop:the tube quality is very good also the price is very competitive.

We now mainly produce tubes with the customer's packing, brand, and weight.

We have many sizes Such as: 1000-22\1100-20\11.2-24\1000-20\900-20\825-20\750-20\700-20\650-20\83/95-24\83/95-20\1000-15\900-16\825-16\750-16\700/650-16\750-18\650-19\1000-16\500-10
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