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WELL Stop Smoking Patches

Stop Smoking
Through using it, people may easily give up smoking in a shorter term. During the process, they will not be suffered from stop-smoking-symptoms, resulted from nicotines decline in body. They can escape from relying on cigarette without suffering.
Reduce smoking
By it, people, who want to reduce smoking rather than to stop smoking, can control the amount to reduce in a relatively exact method.

Substitutes smoking
In some environment where smoking is not allowed, people can use this patch to be as cigarettes substitute.

Natural tobacco, Liquorices Root, Clove, Corn mint and so on.

[Using Method]
1. Uncovers the smooth protection paper.

2. Adhere the patch on some bodys surface spots, such as upper arm inside; thigh inside; rib down side.

3. Using it after getting up early in the morning and change a new one after 24 hours. For those who have no good sleep, it should be taken down before going to bed.

4. It is ok to change spots location each time. It is not necessary to fix spot

5. The amount of patches to be used can adapt with cigarette consumptions quantity as well as patches absorbance status trough skin. Please see reference amount for different cases.

[The reference amount used]
Unit: patch
Cigarette Consumption Level
Amount of piece /day Phase 1 4-7days Phase 2
4-7days Phase 3
4-7days Phase 4
After 13-22days
1-10 1/2 1/3 1/4 0
10-20 1/2-1 1/3-2/3 1/2 1/4-0
20-40- 1-2 2/3-1.5 1/2-1 1/4-1/2-0
Over 40 2 1.5 1 1/2-0

1. Usually, it starts to affect half hour after using it.

2. Patch amount used should be adapted with individual cases, because of individual difference for its absorption status through skin.
3. For each phase, patches should be stably used for several days, so as to adjust bodys balance and avoid strong symptoms coming from sudden stop smoking.

8 patches / box

Cool and dry place

2 years

1. Once using this product, do not smoke again for the purpose of stop-smoking.
2. For patient with heart disease, it is better to use it under doctor's advisement.