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Anti-terror Endoscope is a new optical-electical device, which is made of technology of optics, microelectronics and mechanical integration. Mainly Used in the field of covert surveillance, search and rescue operation, scout, safety inspection, remove explosion, suppress smuggling, and so on by poice and arm police system. For its special design, the operator observe the inner situation of suspicious goals secretly.
Video-endoscopes connecting with image recorder or computer become an image processing system which can observe record and save the objects and analyses the images. It can connect with professional shooting system. In other words, the mini-gun can be connected at its tip. The operator can see the aim clearly on monitor, and the shoot the aim pinpointly.
1. Excellent Optical System
2. Convenient Operating
3. Soft Inner Part
4. Flexible Tip
5. Water-proof and leak-proof structure enhances the durability.
6. Can record the result through image recorder or computer.
7. Most important is that it can connect with shooting system. In other words, the mini-gun can be connected at its tip. The police can control shooting by computer.
Technical Specification and Parameters:
Optical system Viewing direction Forward-looking
Viewing angle 90:
Depth of observation 100mm- infinity
Focus Fixed
Working tube Diameter #10mm
Working length 2000mm
Flexible angle Up, down, left, right directions >=90:
Video system Display mode Full-screen
Resolution 480
S/N 50dB
Min illumination 0.2Lux
Lighting system Light source Charging portable cold light source
Other Connect with image recorder and computer image processing system