Sell anti-twisting braided wire rope

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With the physical performance, chemical performance, machinery performance and anti-twisting performance reaching the advanced international level, our anti-twisting steel products are widely used in the remote-control electric rope tension distribution construction, ordinary electric and telecom rope distribution construction, high lift of winch, ship crane, civil construction crane and other cranes, traction of barge, freight net and wood floating transport, shaft lift and so on.
Our Anti-twisting galvanized wire rope has the following performance and characteristics:
1. It can meet all anti-revolving requirements, when the steel rope bears tension in a free state, the revolving degree is zero and the composite torque is zero.
2. With excellent softness and long life, the steel rope will not be knotted or twisted even after the tension is released. It can also be turned into different rope strands when applied in different construction.
3. Without using additional connection device, the length of steel cable is open to any requirement in a way of inserting. The inserting method can also repair any partial damage arising during operation, while the tension and softness keep unchanged.
4. It adopts zinc-coated aviation wire as the raw material, which enjoys the performance of high intensity and corrosion resistance.