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Butylated hydroxuy toluene [Cas no. : 128-37-0]

Epigallocatechin gallate
L-ascorbic acid [Cas no. : 50-81-7]

L-ascorbyl palmitate [Cas no. : 137-66-6]

Sodium D-isoascorbate [Cas no. : 6381-77-7]

Soybean isoflavones
Tea polyphenols
Tea polysaccharide
Tomato color
Vitamine E(powder/oil)
(Alpha) -Lipoic Acid [Cas no. : 1077-28-7]
DL-(Alpha) -lipoic acid is a cyclic disulfide antioxidant that interconverts with its reduced dithiol form. It is an essential cofactor for decarboxylation reactions of the citric acid cycle, and acts as a general antioxidant.1,2,3 DL-(Alpha) -lipoic acid can act as a direct radical scavenger, as a cofactor to regenerate reduced glutathione, and as a metal chelator.