Sell antique furntiure

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We are factory specialized in Chinese antique furniture. The raw material of all our products in processing select from qualified precious hard timber, such as ROSEWOOD, YELLOW ROSEWOOD, BLACK WOOD, CHICKEN WING WOOD. The texture of above-mentioned material is not only indurative, but also fit for carving. Their stripe on timer fit like a glove on the furniture. Combined with exquisite handcraft , its nobleness and elegancy make u fondle admiringly. Generally speaking, our Ming & Ching Style furniture which is full of deep historical setting and deep history value which make us retrospect to the long history of China, made of selected rare wood and be processed with polish carving.

Our antique furniture not only being furnishings , but also having very good use value. With Chinese style element grade taking seriously again , it being able to promote a host very much; Third It's also an curio, it will not be worthless even though you had used a period of time, instead, our furniture will repay more and more years later.