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H&O Anti-static bar high technology used in design can produce more efficient results for static electric problems even in high-speed applications. It provides high performance and efficient ionization with fast discharging time. Anti-static bars separate air molecules to positive and negative ions by the electric field it generates and transport them with their air apparatuses.

Any static charged product passed from the efficient distance of the bar will attract the opposite charged ions and neutralize the product. This will prevent the sticking of products to other products or parts of machines. At the same time, electrical shocks, explosions, fire danger and dust attraction of which is caused by static electric will be prevented. Thanks to anti static bars which dont need any calibrations and can be cleaned and cared easily. Machines will perform hygienic, safe and high quality production with high performance without problems.

Even if the user touches the needles of the bar, each end of the bar are connected resistively to high voltage so user wont be exposed to a shock which will harm human health. Air which will be applied to the system by the blower should be clean and dry. System can be mounted to places which are hard to reach by the connection apparatus that is provided on the system. H&O Bars can be produced in different lengths in order to meet application needs.
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