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Product Name: Antistatic Fabirc
Place of Origin: China

1) Composition: 55% N +38% cotton + 7% mettallic
2) Density: 144 x 90
3) Width: 57"/58"
4) EMB: 25dB

1) Electromagnetic shielding works dress, protecting working personnel
from hurt of microwave and other high frequency electromagnetic wave
2) Military installations camouflage and cause interference
3) Shielding room, curtain, prevent electromagnetic signal indoor and
outdoor interfere each other
4) Protective shielding cover of electronic instrument and equipment.
5) Electromagnetic wave shielding elements, shutting off signal leak of
contact part of electronic instrument and equipment
6) Electromagnetic shielding maternity dress, skirt, shirt, apron, overalls and
cover, effectively protecting users from hurt of electromagnetic wave
radiating from mobile phone, microwave furnace, computer