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MODEL VOLT FREQ POWER Inlet Tube Outlet Tube
AE-1681 110/220/240V 50/60HZ 55W 24mm 20mm
AE-2081 110/220/240V 50/60HZ 65W 24mm 20mm
AE-2481 110/220/240V 50/60HZ 75W 24mm 20mm

1500L/H 5W 29.5*29.5*39.7CM
2000L/H 9w 29.5*29.5*45.4CM
2400L/H 13w 29.5*29.5*51CM

1. Highly reliable and powerful filtering pump ensures good performance, low power consumption and low noise
2. Mechanical, chemical, biological media baskets bring max filtration capacity and improve the water condition while reproducing beneficial nitrobacteria
3. A unique button designed to eliminate manual siphoning and to provide quick start convenience
4. Compact, simple installation, and water leak proof structure
5. Removable inlet/outlet combo makes cleaning convenient
6. High quality ceramic shaft suitable for both fresh and marine water aquarium