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Our freeze-dried shrimp are collected from non-pollutted field swampland,2-6cm/piece, we processed them by a special technology to retain the shrimps colour, nutrition and the great taste. we have the brand of ourself"HuaXiang"and we accept OEM order to meet your special need.
The shrimp contain some kinds of nutrition which can accelerate the growth of fishes , for example, crude protein, crude fibre, crude fat and etc. The most important function of above nutrition is the ability to rapidly enhance the color of tropical fishes for four times astacin contents compared with the others. There is a significant difference between the fish fed with the shrimp and no. After to be fed with the shrimp, the color of tropical fish is obvious fresh, especially on red.
No any additives nutrition which can't pollute the water and is easy to be absorbed by fishes.
The main kinds of fishes that are fitted to feed with shrimp: Arowanas, flower horn, cichlids , dimsum . and so on fresh water and marine fish.
Nutrition Analysis:
crude protein :65%
crude fat:6%
crude fiber:12%
crude ash:8% We are a China manufacture, AND We can guarantee to provide you the best quality and price as we collected the materail ourself. And we accept OEM order to meet your needs.