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Artemia cysts aquiculture /aquatic feedstuff
Index of quality
Protein>65, fat:24%, impurity:0.1%, moisture: 8.5-10%.
A: Specifications:
1) Hatched rate>90%
2) hatch efficiency : 4kg larva / kg
B: Specifications:
1) Hatched rate>80%
2) hatch efficiency : 3.5kg larva / kg
C: Specifications:
1) Hatched rate>70%
2) hatch efficiency : 4kg larva / kg
Artemia cysts is known as the shrimp of brine and regarded as a kind of important biological bait by the extensive one. It holds the strong adaptability to the bad environment, and has better reproduction ability. Worm's larva has high nutriment. So the worm's ovum is an extremely good biological bait for fish , shrimp and crab.
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Supply Capacity
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
10 days
Minimum Order Quantity
19 tons
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