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Product name: Artemisinin
Extract place: Artemisia annua L.
Effective ingredient: Artemisinin
Product property: Colorless acicular crystalization, taste pain
Product specification: HPLC 99.1%
[M. F. & M. W. ] C 15 H 22 O 5 ; 282.14
CAS NO. 63968-64-9
Structural Formula:

Summarize: southernwood is a traditional Chinese medicinal material, Artemisinin that extract from southernwood have a characteristic of high effectiveness, low toxin and low drug resistance etc. Artesunate, artemether etc. Artemisinin species drugs, which are base on artemisinin as a main material is currently a principal drug for prevention and cure malarious in global markets. The Artemisia annua L. resources that factory purchase are widely spread in Guangxi Autonomous region. It all have widely spread in the area where there is an altitude of lower than 300 meters in the whole region of 14 cities and more than 40 counties. It has a strong applicability, and can normally to grow up. The special superiority of artemisinin resources make Guangxi an advantaged qualification of putting the artemisinin industry more bigger and more stronger. At present, Baise, Chongzuo etc. area has begin to widely grow of southernwood. Baise has a grow area up to 30 thousand acres, and make great endeavor to become the largest growth base in Guangxi.

Main efficacy:
1. This product treats tertian malaria and the average negativization time of malignant protozoon is shorter that of chloroquine. No poisonous side-effect is observed in clinical treatment. It is especially advantageous in the treatment of malignant malaria and cerebral malaria in anti-chloroquine protozoon areas.
2. Anti- tumour function
3. Artemisinin will become a commercioganic candidate drug for anti-cancer.

Packaging: In cardboard drum,25Kg/drum