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kiln in China. The kiln is rare in domestic kilns. originating at Northern Dynasties. being in vogue in song Dynasty and Yuan Dynasty. lasting up to now. The kiln can fire the porcelain of colored drawing. whose main artistic characteristics are by contrastion with black and white. whose typical representative is by decoration with white field and black flower. synthesized with Song Dynasty porcelain decoration. combined with Chinese traditional painting and handwriting art and porcelain-making craft. lt has opened up a new ambit of Song Dynasty porcelain acsthetics and a new road for the development of blue-white porcelain and five-colored porcelain etc. Cizhou Kiln is second to none and has a unique style among the numerous kilns. which faces to the common people and has many varieties. The artist paints on the porcelain with small scenic picture loved by the people by adopting stylish. lofty and consummate skills. and forms simple. free. vivid and bold style. It produces a huge and deep influence on many kilns at home and abroad and becomes a famous kiln toenjoy the fame at home and abroad.