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The series of asbestos products handled and exported by our corporation consist of asbestos yarns, asbestos packing, asbestos tape, asbestos cloth, asbestos gloves, compressed asbestos fibre joint sheets and lubricate asbestos packing, etc. Possessing the properties of fireproof, heat insulation, thermal retention, electric insulation and alkali resistance, etc. These gasket and sealing stuff are essential to modern machinery, electrical machinery, steamship boiler, electrical engineering and other industries.

Our asbestos products are made of high quality materials with skillful workmanship. With their excellent quality and complete range of specifications, they are warmly welcomed by customers both at home and abroad. There are two type of asbestos fiber yarn, dust free and with dust.

Dust free yarn: Composed of around 99% asbestos fiber and 1% chemical powder, color: White, temperature: 550C degree.

Dust yarn: Composed by around 70-85% asbestos fiber and 15-25% cotton fiber, color: White, temperature: 250-550C degree, according to quality grade of asbestos fiber, it can be divided into five grades: Common, A grade, AA grade, AAA grade, and AAAA grade, different grade has different temperature resistance and tensile strength, the yarn can be reinforced by glass - fiber yarn, brass yarn, and stainless steel yarn according to requirements.
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