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Description: A white, odorless, cruystalline powder ( or granular) sweetener having a sweet taste and is made from Amino Acids. Taste same as Sucrose, fresh and tasty, no peculiar taste. The sweetness of Aspartame is 200 times that of the Sucrose. Helping to reduce product cose. Less quantity of heat. Strengthening the special taste. Not causing decayed tooth. Not affecting the value of blood sugar. Having efficiency of covering the bitterness.
Physical characters: atability: stable in normal temperature, changed with difference value of PH.
Solubility: Raising with increasing of temperature and will not bring any obstructs in refrigerated food because of its little usage.
Usage: mainly used in soft drink, fruit juice, flavoring, salted food, dairy products, refrigerted food, all kinds of sweets, Chocolate, etc.

Quality Standard:
The quality of the product meet the standards of FCCV, USP27/NF22, EP2000.
Assay ( on dry basis) 98.0-102.0%
Specific rotation +14.50- 16.50
Transmittance NLT95%
Heavy metal (as Pb) NMT10PPm
Arsenic (as As) NMT3PPm
5-Benzyl-3, 6-Dioxo-2-Piperazine acetic Acid(DKP) NMT1.5%
Other related substances NMT1.5%
Loss on drying NMT4.5%
Residue on lgnition NMT0.2%
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