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The atmospheric water generator is a high tech product, which can make water without resort to any water source. This high technical electronic machine is fit for
army, navigation, airport, hospital, outdoor team and temporarily base which need
high cost for water, and normal family or hotel using.

How to transform air into pure water?
The ATMOSPHERIC WATER GENERATOR SYSYTEM is a new state of the air water generating machine which takes humidity out of the air you breathe and turns it into pure drinking water.

How many liters does it produce per day?
It can produce up to 28 liters of water in a 24-hour period and could store up to
16 liters. All the output depend on the wattage, air temperature and air humidity.
Our biggest blue water generator enables users to create up to 5,000 liters
of pure drinking water, right out of the atmosphere each day, requiring no piped
in water. Our system comes in three models offering different capacities. Each
model can be placed on top of buildings, as well as on ground level. In addition,
the machines are scaleable, so they can be placed in sequence to fulfill the most
sizeable water requirements.

The BIG BLUE AWG has been designed to work outdoors in most arid word locations with humidity levels of 35% to 90%. Save water, affordably.

Water generator:
1) It requires no external piping
2) No more bottling water bill
3) No more hustle to grocery
4) Stores and lifting of heavy bottling water

1) Protect your expensive furniture from over moist environments
2) No need to spend hundred or even thousands of dollars for single dehumidifier

Air filter
1) Protect your family from inhaling dust, bacteria and fungus
2) Deliver the freshest air to your world
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