Sell attapulgite oil drilling mud

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Oil drilling mud is a kind of anti-salt clay used as drilling mud based on good quality attapulgite clay. It is applicable to geological drilling, marine drilling and geological drilling in salt containing area. It has good thermal stability and salt resistant property, reduce the rate of useless wells while using it to protect the wall of wells, save barite powder, the drilling efficiency is improved and the cost is cut down. Performance and Applications 1. The product has good colloidal and suspending properties, is suitable to be used as drilling mud under different geological conditions. 2. Because of good thermal stability, it shows no flocculation and dilution under high temperature conditions, therefore, it is applicable to deep well drilling and terrestrial heat drilling. 3. Its salt resistant ability makes it free from being affected by electrolytes, thus it can still be in mud form even in saturated brine. It is suitable for marine and salty stratum drilling. We produce 200mt every month. Annually, we produce 20,000 tons all kinds of attapulgite products, which have enjoyed great popularity in world markets. If our attapulgite products are of interest to you, please procure some inquiries for us to quote at your earlier convenience. All your inquiries will receive a prompt attention no matter whether they are large or small . We are in business for our customers' convenience.