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W-SERIES High ferrite materials woofer
The new W SERIES (AW, BW, SW series) of Low Frequency transducers speaker is the result of two years of research and development by ACLON Audio carefully design for entire year by engineering department. We are proud to introduce a line of transducers that represents the State of the Art for professional sound applications.

Receives ACLON AUDIO company all along to pursue the high quality, High performance design idea, this series have adopted the brand -new magnetic design Washer, T-Yode all uses SPHC 1,008 ferrite materials (T-Yoke is the integrated Tiron which time takes shape) , cooperates with Y35 highly performance magnet, Damper system have used cone from UKM England and cooled damper. Having not merely improved the sensitivity of the loudspeaker greatly, furthermore make the timbre of the loudspeaker to obtain the enormous enhancement.

Pass strict measuring before every speaker of ACLON AUDIO company fitted is dispatched from the factory, not merely testing every parameter index, has insure the depend ability of every speaker guaranteeing to be dispatched from the factory.