Sell auto cutting and sewing machine

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The auto cuting and sewing machine is used to cut and sew the PP or PE woven bags. It can greatly increase production capacity and save human power.
The machine is equiped with the following devices:automatic fluid pressure leading roll device, rectifying deviation device, color cursor bag length control tracker, cutter device, locator device of unique clip type. Cutter cuts the bag and than the clip holds the bag tightly and moves it to folding and sewing sections, as a result of the clip, the number of unqualified products has been reduced.
Model :QTFJ
Working speed (bags/m) :28-50bags/m
bag Length:600-1350mm
bag width:350-850mm
cutting error:11mm
hem width:20-30mm
Measure (L*W*H) : 5.3*5*1.8m