Sell auto-darkening welding helmet

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Main specifications
 Filter dimension : 110 X 90 x 5mm
 View field : 96 X 42mm
 Weight : 475g
 UV/IR protection : Up to DIN13
 Shade control : DIN 3/10
 Lens speed from light to dark : 1/10000 s
 Lens recover speed from dark to light : 0.1-0.5s
 Lens power : Solar cells
 Operation temperature : -5C0~ 55C0(23 F0~131 F0)
 High quality LCD and multilayer optical interference filter for clear view and permanent UV/IR protection up to DIN 13
 Lens powered by solar cells with no need of battery changes
 Mask made of nylon 801 with high strength and light weight, and suitable for high welding operation temperature
 Ample mask space and very safe structure
 Standard 110 x 90 x 5 mm filter suitable for other masks