Sell auto dialer for pre-paid calling card

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How Does Auto Dialer Work
People could make IP call without our auto-dialer on a conventional phone using the pre-paid IP call card. He/she will 1. Buy a pre-paid IP phone card 2. Scratch it to disclose the card number and Pin. 3. Then he/she finds a conventional phone 4. He/she will dial access number which is the ID of a carrier 5. After that, a voice prompt will tell him/her to input card number and Pin 6. When all these are finished correctly, the system will allow him/her to make a long distance call.
All the steps are really bothering and inconvenient because people have to do the same procedure each time when they make a call, and when he/she mistypes, he/she will have to do this again from the beginning. But with Auto-dialer, people just store the information of access number, card number, pin into memory of auto-dialer, then when he/she makes a call, auto-dialer will help to finish all the steps automatically.
So auto-dialer makes pre-paid IP call just like IDD call.
Our auto dialer has good security protection which could help carriers and IP card vendors to bind their card (access number, card number, PIN etc) with auto dialer, without knowing the password, user could not modify it. So user will come to you again when they need to buy more minutes from you.
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