Sell auto first aid kits with CE marked

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First Aid Kit pp box, meet DIN13164
DIN 13019-A Adhesive plaster 5mX2.5cm 1pc
DIN 13019-E Adhesive bandages 10cmX6cm 8pcs
DIN 13151-M first aid dressing,8cmx10cm 3pcs
DIN 13151-G first aid dressing,10cmx12cm 1 pc
DIN 13152-BR compress for burns,40cmx60cm 2pcs
DIN 13152-A compress for burns,60cmx80cm 1pc
DIN 61634-FB 6 elastic bandages,6cmx4m 2pcs
DIN 61634-FB 8 elastic bandages,8cmx4m 3pcs
First aid blanket 210cmX160cm 1pcs
Wound compress 10cmX10cm,2pcs/pouch 3pcs
DIN 13168-D triangular bandages 96cmX96cmX136cm 2pcs
DIN 58279-A 14.5cm, scissor 1pc
DIN EN 455 disposable gloves 4pcs