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YT-444 Matting agent:
1) Reduces brightness of paint film
2) Good matting ability
3) Smooth and even paint film
4) Widely used
5) Can be applied with "YATU" 1K or 2K series
6) Works well with: YT-2K solid colors, YT-1K basecoat
7) Mixing ratio: YT-1K solid colors: YT-444 Matte = 85-70:15-30
8) Effect: 2K solid colors: YT-444 Matte
a) All matted: 30: 70
b) Half matted (egg shell) : 50: 50
c) Half bright: 70: 30

Yatu auto paint series mainly includes:
1) 2K topcoat (called Autocryl Solid Colours) ,
2) 1K basecoat (called Autobase Metallic Colours) ,
3) Clear coat, primer, primer surfacer, putty, auto body filler, plastic primer
4) binder, fixative, flip controller, hardener, thinner, anti silicon, retarder solvent, degreaser and etc.
Brand Name
ISO 9000, ISO14000
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20 days
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L/C, T/T
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