Sell auto paint---(2K) Epoxy Primer Series Paint

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FM502 (2K) epoxy primer
Feature of product:
1) Strong adhesiveness,
2) Excellent antirust and anti chemical corrosion effect for the bare metals, light
metals and toughen glass.
3) Suitable for surface protection of vehicle and machineries.

Application instructions
1. Applicable base: polished, clean and dry surface of iron, epoxy primer, 2K primer
and former coating

2. Mixing ration
Accessory products: weight
FM502 Epoxy primer: 4L
FM605H hardener : 1L
FM307XThinner : 1.5-2L
3. Application requirement:
with a gun of 1.5-1.8mm of diameter, at the pressure of 3-5 pas, 2-3 layers of sprays,
about 20-25um for each layer, wait 5-10 minutes after application.

Packing specification