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FM400 mirror varnish
Feature of product
1) A variety of advantage in application,
2) Surface paint gets dry slowly but internal paint gets dry quickly,
3) Good smoothness and brightness causing a mirror effect on the surface of paint,

4) Stable luster and excellent hardness after the coating gets dry.
5) Suitable for high-quality overall refinishing on vehicle or revamping on cars.
Packing specification
4L, 2L or 1L /tin

FM401 Prime varnish
1) Extrusive luster and outstanding weather durability.
2) With its good application performance,
3) It can fit for application requirement of various environment.
4) Special for glittering vehicle of high class and middle class.
Packing specification
4L or 1L/tin

FM 402 High-solid varnish
1) It is a 2K propylene acid varnish of a high solid content and low stickiness
2) Good filling and high luster
3) Excellent smoothness, and brightness and color retention.
4) Suitable for partial revamping or overall refinishing of the high and base class vehicles

Packing specification

FM403 Quick-dry varnish
1) It is a 2K varnish of hydroxyl propylene acid
2) High activity, good smoothness and high hardness
3) Gets dry quickly
4) Special suitable for vehicle mending in cold weather and air-dry condition

Packing specification