Sell auto paint---filling putty

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Feature of product
It is made from pure acrylic resin, filling, drying agent and so on, It has such
advantages as excellent performance filling, fast dry, easy scratch, no curling
and fine for polish.

Application instruction
1) Applicable base
Completely dry surfaces of primer paint, base paint, putty and former coating
2) Mixing rate, Direct for application
3) Application requirement
Scratch on the pore and tiny caves with rubber or metal blades.
Time needed to get dry
Thin filling,20-30 minutes per 25 degree centigrade
Method selection of sandpapers
Wet sand, manual P600-P1000
Dry sand, mechanical P240-P320
Thick spray at a time should be abandoned to avoid shrinkage and faintness
Spray of paint on wet putty may cause spots and color mixture on the final paint
Unused putty should be stored in a sealed can immediately after application to avoid
The expiration is one year in a sealed can under the temperature of 20 degrees centigrade
Packing specification: