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auto road barrier main technique parameter height:1058mm wideth:348mm thickness:268mmexterior: four anglecolor: flash silver blackpower supply: AC230V+/-10%50HZpower: 120W--250 W pole length :less than 5.0 meterpole up time :5sexterior manage :spray mold work temperature: -10~+45(standard) /-25-+40(low temperate style) relative humidity scope :less than 90%, no concreting dew Feature and application: 1. superior core :integrative core design, avoid the trouble of strap drive , save the anaphase maintenance fee2. safeguard function: adopt digital control technology , secure the pole work normally3. equipped the standard interface, with multilevel balance spring, change pieces of spring to realize the pole length change 4. protect function(choose) :can push the pole with manpower in the condition of fire control and urgency. The barrier can stop work immediately , to avoid from being destroyed5. open superior function: weather in on or off condition, when receive the signal of open , it can carry out the open order.6. bilateral lock function: When the barrier is on , outside force cant make the pole down and the ON brake switch(or long-range on brake signal) is non effective. When the barrier is off , outside force cant make the pole up , and the OFF brake (or long-range off brake signal ) is non effective7. time protection function: When the switch is non effective(circuitry is cut or the switch is broken) , the pole can work normally until the time set is up8. protect the test interface :can configure the safeguard surveillance equipment such as infrared and vehicle test device to avoid being smashed.
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