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When you hang the auto rosaries on your cars, you will easily attach these signs of Christ and His Blessed Mother for their protection or the love one is on the road. Every Catholic car and driver should have an auto rosary. According to the length of the auto rosaries, we produce decade auto rosaries and auto rosary necklaces.
Our decade auto rosary is designed to hand from your rear view mirror and features a lobster claw clasp. It is easily to hang on the mirror. Just the perfect length so they do not hang too low.
An Auto rosary necklace is one of the traditional rosary necklaces. Usually, the auto rosary necklace is the 5 decade rosary, you can wrap the auto rosary necklace and decide what length to wrap the rosary on your car.
Birthstone rosary is one of the perfect auto rosary. There are 12 different colors birthstone auto rosaries. Usually, the birthstone auto rosaries are made of round faceted rosary beads, some prayer drivers like the aurora borealis rosary beads for auto rosary.
These days auto rosary made of gem rosary beads are enjoy well. It is said that many gem stone rosary beads are good for health of human. For example, it is said that the tiger rosary will counteract feeling of hypochondria, while amethyst rosary will help with headaches and blood sugar imbalances.