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Starter motor
1 QD1112Starter 12V 0.8KW
Suits: Cherry Automobile Series
2 QDJ1315Speed-reducing Starter 12V 2.5KW Suits: JiefangCA141
3 QDY151Speed-reducing Starter 12V 3.7KW Suits:485,480,490,390Q,485Q295,395 Longma Agricultural Vehicle and so on
4 QDY151A speed-reducing Starter 12V 3.7KW Suits:Shanghai 495A, Nanchang 2015
5QDY151BSpeed-reducing Starter 12V 3.7KW
Suits: Yangchai 495
6 QD114AStarter 12V 0.75KW
Suits:Wuxi Kama , Zhenjiang Dongfeng, Changzhou AMEC
7 QD114B Starter 12V 1.0KW
Suits: Wuxi Kama Zhenjiang Dongfeng Changzhou AMEC , Air cooling 170,178,186 diesel engine
8 QD114 Starter 12V 0.75KW
Suits:Wuxi, KAMA, ZhenjiangDongfeng, Changzhou AMEC
9 QD122 Starter 12V 1.4KW
Suits: KG670
10 QDJ111Permanent Magnetism Speed-reducing Starter 12V 0.3KW Suits:173F, 177F, KG270
11 QDJ112Permanent Magnetism Speed-reducing Starter 12V 0.4KW Suits: 182, 188F, KG390
12 QD116 Starter
Suits: Yamaha 185F Gasoline Engine
13 QDJ113Permanent Magnetism Speed-reducing Starter 12V 0.25KW
Suits: 168F Gesoline Engine
14 QDY133 Permanent Magnetism Speed-reducing Starter 12V 2.0KW
Suits:Ford seiries
15 QDY1259 Permanent Magnetism Speed-reducing Starter 12V 1.1KW
Suits: Liuwei 465Q Engine
16 QDY1260 Permanent Magnetism Speed-reducing Starter 12V 1.1KW
Suits: Chang-an 465Q Engine
17 QDY1206 Speed-reducing Starter
12V 1.2KW Suits:Santana 2000
18QDJ2756Speed-reducing Starter
24V 6.0KW Suits:Steyr Engine
19 QDJ2757 Speed-reducing Starter
24V 6.5KW Suits:Dachai, Xichai 6110 engine
20 QDJ2758Speed-reducing Starter
24V6.5KW Suits:Cummins 145, 153engine
21 QDJ2759 Speed-reducing Starter
24V 6.0KW Suits:Deutz engine
22 QDJ2765Speed-reducing Starter
24V 6.0KW Suits: Yuchai 6108
23 QDJ2508Speed-reducing Starter
24V 4.5KW Suits: Chaochai 4102 engine
24 QDJ2509. A Speed-reducing Starter
24V 4.5KW Suits:Yangchai. Yunnei 4102engin
25 QDJ1219 Speed-reducing Starter
12V 1.2KW Suits:491Q, 4Y engine