Sell auto tracking speed dome camera

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 Innovative auto tracking technology, can research and auto track moving targets, tracking is not interfered at manual control
 Aluminium alloy housings, built-in Fan and heater
 Adopt plug in and out camera design
 Is compatible with famous-brand camera
 Focus and pan/tilt speed auto match
 3600continuous pan, 900tilt, no blind area
 0.10-1800/S horizontal shift, 0.10-1200/S vertical shift,1800auto flip
 128 presets, 8 sequences with 16 presets each,
 Two points scanning, home position
 Timed auto active function, timed auto adjust preset , cruise and panning etc
 Privacy mask function
 Internal data never lost when power is off
 Built in 3000V lightning protection, surge protection
Technology parameter:

Power supply AC24V18V 50/60HZ
Power consumption 15W
Moter Stepping moter
Preset 128
Cruising tracks 4
To preset time 3600
Pan range 900
Tilt range 0.10-1800 /S
Pan speed 0.10-1200 /S
Tilt speed 4000 /S
Communication Rs485
Communication protocol Pelco-P/D, Vinet, Kalatel, Philips. . .
Baud rate 1200/2400/4800/9600 bps option
Working temperature -400 ~ 600
Environment humidity <=90%