Sell automatic Centrifigual Disc Finishing Machines

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We supply automatic Centrifigual Disc Finishing Machines for deburring, grinding, polishing from China at good prices.

Centrifugal Disc Finishing Machines are specailly suitable for removal of strong burrs, intensive radiusing of small and mid-size parts as well as gently smoothing and high gloss polishing.

High speed processing allows for finishing performance upto 10 times faster than vibratory machine and over 20 times than barrel machine.

Infinitely adjustable speed of the spinner
Low noise, movement smoothly and stably.

The working barrel is lined inside with hot poured high wear-resistant polyurethane for protracting working life.

LLF120A automatic centrifugal dics finishing machine, fitted with hydraulic loading system for automatically feeding media and parts into the working barrel, hydraulic pivoting system for automatically discharging the mixture of media and parts into intermediate hopper, vibratory separating system for separating media from parts, classifing undersiaed media, return the the reusable media to loader and discharging parts automatically.

Model: LLF120A
Barrel capacity: 120 L
Working capacity: 60 L
Spiner motor: Power 5.5 kw; Speed 1440 rpm
Spiner disc speed: 0-160 rpm
Pivot/loader motor: Power 1.1 kw; Speed 910 rpm
Vibratory motor: Power 2 x 0.12kw; Speed 1450 rpm
Barrel pivoting: 140 degree
Dimensions: 2060 x 1700 x 1200mm.

Automatic double batch centrifugal dics finishing machine combinate two automatic disc finishing machine by sharing one intermediate hopper only and one screening machine only. While one batch with finished parts is separated on the screening machine, a second batch is processed in the work bowl save idle time for media/parts separation and save space.

Model: LLF230x2
Capacity: 230L x 2
Pu thinckness: 12mm
Spiner motor Power: 11kw x 2, 960 rpm
Spining disc Speed: 0-140mm

Hydraulic system: 21Mpa, Pump 3KW, 1430rpm

Separation system: 1.12KW

Loading: 200L x 2

Water dosing: 0.7MPa, 240L/h,
Compound dosing: 0.7MPa, 13L/h x 2.

Weight: 4000kg

Dimension: 4500x3375x1780mm